Scheidt: Sacrae Cantiones – 2010

Samuel Scheidt was one of the most interesting Lutheran composers of the early 17th century. Like his famous contemporary Heinrich Schütz, he combined the polyphonic tradition with the new styles from Italy. His Cantiones Sacrae for eight voices mark the summit of Renaissance musical style; even though Protestant chorales are integrated into the work, Scheidt does not hesitate to use expressive effects that originated in the Italian madrigal style.

“Les chanteurs, portés par une ferveur palpable et communicative, livrent de la musique de Scheidt une vision d’une belle intériorité, qui conjugue merveilleusement densité et légèreté, travaillant en pleine pâte tout en insufflant à la matière musicale une splendide luminosité.”

—Le passée des arts


“[Vox Luminis] is already an ensemble of the finest calibre: their intonation, tuning and declamatory sensitivity for words are deeply impressive, and the consort singing always shows a keen affinity for emotive harmonic twists.”




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