Hammerschmidt: Ach Jesus stirbt – 2020

Andreas Hammerschmidt is undoubtedly the most unjustly neglected composer of seventeenth-century Lutheran Germany. Very few recordings have been devoted to him, even though his music was widely published during his lifetime. The fifteen or so published collections offer a great variety of works, which, like those of his famous contemporary Heinrich Schütz, illustrate the fusion between the Lutheran polyphonic tradition and the various stylistic influences of the Italian Baroque. For this musical portrait of Hammerschmidt, Vox Luminis has drawn on several of these collections in order to offer as rounded a picture as possible of the variety of the composer’s styles. The entire programme is structured around texts for Passiontide and Easter, introduced by an intensely moving madrigalian motet on the death of Christ, Ach Jesus stirbt.

“Everything is immaculately judged and the emotion seems to come from the music itself”

—Gramophone, 12/2020 Fabrice Fitch


“From Passion through to festivities, this is a truly compelling choral album: Vox Luminis’s contributions both as individuals and an ensemble feel exquisite and heartfelt.”

—Gramophone, 12/2020 Martin Cullingford


“Even if there were as wealth of rival recordings, it’s hard to imagine the music receiving finer performances than here from Vox Luminis and their director Lionel Meunier.”

—Music Web International


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