Bach: motetten – 2015

After its successes in the field of German Baroque religious music, here VOX LUMINIS proposes the first complete recording of the motets by Johann Sebastian Bach’s ancestors. The motets by Johann Sebastian Bach’s ancestors, most of which are written for double choir, blend the old tradition inherited from the polyphony of the Renaissance with expressive work inspired by the fashions of the madrigal. The chorale melodies that are quite frequently associated with these motets contribute this colour typical of the Lutheran liturgical repertoire. Johann Sebastian Bach drew on the family tradition in large part when tackling this genre and mastered this writing that was archaic for its time. The proximity between his compositions and those of his ancestors is astounding, and it is not without reason that the motet providing the title for this recording, Ich lasse dich nicht, is attributed sometimes to Johann Sebastian, sometimes to his uncle Johann Christoph. But beyond the historical considerations, these motets are filled with touching, humble and profound emotion that the talent of the Vox Luminis singers carry to the exceptional level to which the ensemble has accustomed us!

“Est ist nun aus – a deeply touching devotional aria with each verse ending with ‘Welt, gute Nacht’ – is worth the price of the discs alone.”



“…over two hours of outstanding musicality and serious musicianship.”

-BBC Magazine


“hese Lutheran motets… reveal an art touchingly expressive and finely wrought…. Vox Luminis perform with pleasing purity and imaginative flair.”

-The Sunday Times



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