Fux & Kerll: Requiem – 2016

This recording presents two Austrian requiems of totally different character. Johann Joseph Fux wrote his Requiem in 1720 for the funeral of Eleonora von Neuburg, widow of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II. Composed by a musician reputed for his theoretical skill, it impresses with the quality of the polyphonic writing combined with a very rich instrumental fabric comprising cornetts, trombones and bassoon in addition to violins, instruments also benefiting from concertante interventions. This requiem was played on numerous occasions for official ceremonies, including again for the funeral of Karl VI in 1740. On the other hand, Johann Caspar Kerll’s version is presented in a much more intimist way. As he himself stated in the preface to the edition, this requiem was written «for my soul’s peace». It is scored for an ensemble of five voices backed up by a quartet of viols. In a more archaic style, its intense emotion is doubtless influenced by the music of his Roman master, Giacomo Carissimi. With the participation of L’Achéron, Scorpio Collectief.

“Vox Luminis’s consummate mastery of polyphonic textures, plangent sonorities and contoured phrasing is profoundly beautiful” “The refinement of Vox Luminis is never anything less than sublime”



“The excellent vocal ensemble Vox Luminis goes from strength to strength with its deftly inflected, pure, rather un-English singing.”

—The Guardian


“No questioning the evidence here of the outstanding quality of Vox Luminis…the sound is immaculate, capturing the sense of space the venues offer but with detail never obscured.”

—Early Music Today



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