Lassus: musical biography – 2015

The musical biography of Roland de Lassus from Vox Luminis has reached volume 5, celebrating ‘Lassus the European’ in 20 brief sacred and secular works – motets, chansons, and madrigals from the 1550-60s.

The «musical biography» is not strictly speaking biographical, but gives an account of the diversity and the immense celebrity of his works, from its beginnings to the posthumous publications, spread by the printers-publishers of France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. It ends with one of the only two compositions conceived for twelve voices; a grandiose motet destined to finish in beauty this five-fold tribute to the greatest composer of the second half of the sixteenth century.

“Parution admirable à tous égards, digne apothéose d’une belle aventure discographique.”


“Their best performances here are highlights of the set as a whole.”



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