Vox Luminis

 Vox Luminis was established 15 years ago; today, the ensemble uses its sparkling traits to enhance the world of early music! The push was made in 2004 by Lionel Meunier – bass and founding base of Vox Luminis. The objective is to gain access to the Light through the Voice. Every year, the ensemble releases on average two discs and offers its audience more than 60 concerts on Belgian, European and international stages.

They define themselves as a group of soloists with a variable combination (with a base from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague) and of a continuo, additional instrumentalists or a full orchestra, depending on the repertoire. The repertoire is essentially Italian, English and German and spans the 16th through the 18th centuries. Since its creation, the ensemble has been noted for its cohesion and it charms with the personality of every timbre and the homogeneity of the voices.

Today, Vox Luminis can count fourteen recordings to its name, it has won many awards including the prestigious Gramophone Recording of the Year 2012, for Musicalische Exequien by Heinrich Schütz. The latest releases from Alpha Classics and Ricercar are King Arthur by Purcell and Kantaten by the Bach-family.

The year 2018 was marked by two awards: first, Vox Luminis won the famous BBC Music Magazine AWARD 2018 in the category “Choral Award Winner” following the disc Luther et la Musique de la Réforme. Second, KLARA named them “ensemble of the year”. And in 2019 Vox Luminis won again the Gramophone Music Award, rewarding the recording intitled Buxtehude: Abendmusiken in the category “CHORAL”.



” The refinement of Vox Luminis is never anything less than sublime “

Gramophone, 04/2014 – David Vickers


Vox Luminis, made up of soloists, “se distingue par la pureté de son émission, la fraîcheur des voix, la dynamique et la mise en place, d’une rare perfection. Ses qualités d’expression, où la simplicité, la ferveur le disputent à la gravité et à l’enthousiasme illustrent admirablement ce répertoire exigeant.”

Forumopera, 08/2018 – Yvan Beuvard


Vox Luminis live up to their name by providing refreshingly light vocal performances

which seem to shimmer and glow.

Musicweb, 05/2017 – Simon Thompson



The ensemble is supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles,

the City of Namur and Namur Confluent Culture and is recognised by the Art and Life tours.