19 juillet 2017 à 22:54

Concert 3 of our residency at Festival de Saintes tomorrow! Last rehearsal done with Ode St Cecilia's day of Haendel. Fantastic rehearsal and we did enjoy the fact of having one day with 26 degrees (36/ 37 it was yesterday)

  18 juillet 2017 à 10:18

Concert 12:30 Festival de Saintes
Our first ever Leipzig cantata:
BWV 198 Trauerode
Together with "Celebrate this festival" by Henry Purcell.
Quel lieu, comment ne pas être inspiré?

  10 juillet 2017 à 18:51

Encore une demi semaine et nous serons de retour au Festival de Saintes. Nous y retrouverons avec plaisir Classique mais pas has been de Séverine Garnier qui nous suit depuis nos tout début dans ce festival. Elle nous a fait le plaisir d'une chronique dans SudOuest.fr pour notre dernier enregistrement Luthérien. Nous y abordons notamment Thomas Selle, compositeur que nous avions donné pour la première fois en concert à Saintes en 2012. Délicieux souvenir! Ce sera notre 5ème passage et l'impatience et et l'envie de revenir ne faiblit pas avec le temps. Encore 3 nuits à dormir 🙂

  1 juillet 2017 à 19:46

Another fantastic review (and nice pictures!) , this time from Bachtrack, featuring part of our residency at Aldeburgh Festival. This one focuses on our final concert, Purcell's King Arthur at Snape Maltings. What a great evening that was in this perfect accoustic and great environnement.
"...As the singers’ warm vocal colours explored the richness of Snape’s acoustic, in an atmosphere of gloriously secure, skilful musicianship (with some musicians playing several different period instruments), the genre-busting strangeness of it all just added to the fun. Their air of virtuoso confidence gives Vox Luminis the chance to push each performance further in the game of imagination: we do not only get great singing, but clever touches of humour too, even in their entrances and exits..."

  30 juin 2017 à 18:53

Just announced! We will be back in Spain on 3rd september 2017 in Estella for la Semana de Música Antigua de Estella. They will celebrate the 500 years of the reformation and we will perform our beloved Bach dinasty programme.
Spanish friends, hope to see some of you there!

  29 juin 2017 à 20:35

It's been a while since we last shared a video on this page. Here we go. Less casual than many other videos we have. This is from a concert we gave with Skip Sempe & his Capriccio Stravagante last fall. Exquisite music by Claudio Monteverdi. Confitebor Terzo (all Francese)
We hope you enjoy!
PS: thanks once more to Valerio Contaldo for jumping in for this concert for a sick tenor!

  28 juin 2017 à 21:13

AWARD: Very very happy to share this news. Our recent double CD for Outhere Music dedicated to Luther and the Music of the Reformation has just been awarded by BBC Music Magazine.
"Lionel Meunier's assured direction never misses (nor overstates) an expressive trick; and Vox Luminis's warmly inflected singing is throughout finely-attuned to the way in which every note has its exact place in sustaining the whole. A superb anthology, superbly executed"
Performance *****
Recording ***** - BBC MUSIC CHOICE.
Feels good to read this back home after one of our most wonderful project in England.
We may have a Gin & Tonic to celebrate : ) ... well I think we did celebrate it before reading this review ; )

  27 juin 2017 à 22:19

So much looking forward to be back at Festival de Saintes!!!!

Une résidence peut en cacher une autre! Après des vacances méritées qui suivent une résidence fabuleuse à Aldeburgh, quoi de mieux que de retourner à un de nos festival préféré. Une résidence de 3 concerts de nouveau. le 2ème et le 3ème concerts sont déjà SOLD OUT mais il reste des places pour le premier. Nos chers motets de la famille Bach que nous avons hâte de faire résonner dans les murs de l'Abbatiale!

  26 juin 2017 à 22:12

We are now on a 2 weeks and a half break before our anual visit to the Festival de Saintes with 3 concerts. We can now look back at the past days and tell that our time in Aldeburgh & Snape Maltings has been incredible and we will remember it for long. What a chance we had to have a residency for our debut in such a prestigious festival.
Now this long and fantastic review from El País comes as a chery on the cake.
"Vox Luminis tiene la virtud de convertir en oro todo cuanto toca"
Worth reading the whole text even with a translating programme online since it talks about the festival in general.
It was so special and hope only one thing: to go back! (and it looks like most probably it will happen : ) )