21 September 2018 om 20:16

Festival d'Ambronay
Dixit Dominus Haendel & Magnificat Bach pour notre première seul dans une Abbatiale pleine à craquer avec 1000 personnes 🙂

  15 September 2018 om 21:22

  14 September 2018 om 18:58

B minor mass - Löningen - Musikfest Bremen

  30 August 2018 om 20:43

Back from Utrecht Early Music Festival (partner of this production in fact) we are very happy to share this video of our King Arthur production on Culturebox. It features along with Vox Luminis, Simon Robson telling the story with a text written together with our dramaturgist Isaline Claeys. This version was created at for Aldeburgh Festival during our residency in 2017. `
Immense gratitude to Sonia Paramo & Patrick Lauze and the whole team of Les Films Figures Libres for there wonderful work.
We hope you enjoy!

Big thank you to AMUZ for welcoming the concert but also the whole recording session, CD to be released on Alpha Classics / Outhere Music in the coming months.
Thanks to the other places that welcomed this show Château d'Hardelot, Festival de Saintes, KLANGVOKAL Musikfestival Dortmund.
Last but not least thanks to all the brillant singers Sophie Junker, Zsuzsi Tóth, Stefanie True & Caroline Weynants - Daniel Elgersma, David Feldman & Jan Kullmann - Olivier Berten, Robert Buckland & David Lee - Jon Stainsby (jumping in last minute, big thanks to him!) Sebastian Myrus & Lionel Meunier along with our wonderful players: Jacek Kurzydło, Birgit Goris, Johannes Frisch, Ronan Kernoa, Benoit Laurent, Gustav Friedrichson, Armin Köbler , Lisa Goldberg, Rudolf Lörinc, Moritz Görg. Special thanks to the two continuo players: Anthony Romaniuk & Simon Linné & Marianna Soroka for her work with the percussions

  28 August 2018 om 16:40

Ready to go at Utrecht Early Music Festival in front of a sold out Jacobikerk! Motets and Missa l’Homme armé a sexti toni on the menu!

  28 August 2018 om 12:14

A very good morning from Utrecht! We would like to share with you this piece we had to honor to perform as a world premiere for the Utrecht Early Music Festival.
Sacred parodies from Rameau's Castor et Pollux & les Indes Galantes.
"Paroles qui ont précédé le Te Deum que M.M. les Fermiers généraux ont fait chanter pour la convalescence du Roy en l'Eglise des R.R.P.P Augustins de la Place des Victoires le 30 Septembre 1744"
Thanks to Graham Sadler for the reconstruction. Hope you enjoy!

Vox Luminis op Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht

  27 August 2018 om 22:32

La répétition bourguignone
Utrecht Early Music Festival

  26 August 2018 om 22:34

  25 August 2018 om 19:51

We are back at TivoliVredenburg grote Zaal!
Grands Motets - Rameau . 10 minutes to go
Utrecht Early Music Festival

  25 August 2018 om 12:07

Good morning! Sounds off Delalande yesterday at Utrecht Early Music Festival during the soundcheck.
See you tonight 20h at TivoliVredenburg groote zaal for Rameau and his Grands motets.