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In the early years Vox Luminis chose repertoire in which the instrumental accompaniment consisted of a continuo and a number of solo instruments.

In 2014, Lionel Meunier took the initiative to set up his own orchestra and explore new repertoire. Work is done without a conductor, but with a number of strong musical personalities at key positions in the orchestra. The Finnish violinist Tuomo Suni leads the orchestra as first violin. Other fixed assets are the flutist Anna Besson, as well as the oboist Jasu Moisio and a team of exquisite baroque trumpet players under the direction of Rudolf Lörinc.

Vox Luminis has been successful in performing a number of top baroque works. Highlights include:
J.S. Bach, Magnificat BWV 243
J.S. Bach, B-minor Mass BWV 232
J.S. Bach, Missae Brevis
J.S. Bach, Johannespassion BWV 245
H. Purcell, King Arthur
H. Purcell, Celebrate this festival
G.F. Haendel, Ode for Saint-Caecilia’s Day
G.F. Haendel, Dixit Dominis
J.P. Rameau, Grands Motets

This repertoire will also be expanded in the coming seasons. Keep an eye on our agenda for the latest info.

“When there’s no conductor imposing their will,
a group of really fine performers like this soon learns
to feel and breathe as one.”

The Telegraph

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